Leaf Rusts Disease (Hemileia vastatrix B. et Br.) Existence in Organic and Inorganic Coffee Cultivation Land

Authors: Mario Pani, Lukman, Marlina

Journal Name: Plant Sci. Arc. 2(4), 1-7, 2019

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.33680/plsa.2019.025

Keywords: Hemileia vastatrix, Organic Coffee, Inorganic Coffee.


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Hemileia vastatrix B. et Br.which is known for causing Leaf Rusts Diseases in Coffee is one of the important diseases in Arabica Coffee cultivation. The growth and development of the pathogen of H. vastatrix is very close to the environment and the cultivation way of the farmer. This research aims to investigate the existence of Leaf Rusts diseases in Coffee both in organic and inorganic cultivated land. This research was conducted in Arabica Coffee Land in Silih Nara, Celala, and Bies Sub-District, Aceh Tengah Regency, Aceh Province, Indonesia. The result of the research shown that the disease incident was not significantly different between the organic and inorganic cultivated land. Meanwhile, on the first observation shown that the disease intensity in organic cultivated land is higher than inorganic cultivated land. The disease intensity for each land is 12,48% and 9,36%.

Meanwhile, in the second and third observations, there was no difference in disease intensity for each cultivated land. Generally, the disease incident is categorized as Moderate, approximately 50% in organic cultivated land and 45,47% in inorganic cultivated land. For the disease intensity, remain categorized as Low, approximately 10,74% in organic cultivated land and 9,91% in inorganic cultivated land. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to anticipate climate change globally. It could increase the H. vastatrix infection in the Coffee cultivation in Aceh Tengah Regency.