Editorial board members of Plant Science Archives in connection with Editor-in-Chief and associate editors are bound with an ethical and honest accountability to support the authors. We provide support to active researchers and creative individuals from different parts of this world.

Responsibility for the journal and its policies lies with the Journal Manager. Any concerns either regarding specific papers or general policies should be directed to the Journal Manager. Plant Science Archives investigates all potential cases reported to it or of which it becomes aware. In many cases, this will require the involvement of authors’ institutes and sometimes the appointment of independent experts. The majority of cases are resolved prior to publication, but some do relate to published articles. Should our investigations find that no action is required, it is our usual practice not to make any public statement about the investigation. If, however, investigations find that action is required relating to a published article, this will be made clear through the published record, for example in the form of a correction, retraction and/or Publisher’s Note.


Editorial Policy
Plant Science Archives aims to publish high-quality papers following a blind peer review process. Our editorial workflow is as follows: