Plants Science Archives (ISSN 2518-6965) upholds the rights of individual participants in studies and is committed to ensuring the ethical handling of identifiable personal data, statements, and visual media. The following guidelines govern the publication of details, images, or videos related to individual participants:

1- Informed Consent:

  • Manuscripts containing personal details, images, or videos of individual participants require written informed consent for publication. Such consent must be obtained directly from the participants or from their parent or legal guardian if the participants are children under 16.
  • In cases where the participant has passed away, consent for publication must be sought from the next of kin.

2- Consent Documentation:

  • Authors are required to provide documentation demonstrating the participants’ consent for publication. This documentation should be made available to the Editor upon request.

3- Exceptions for Unidentifiable Images:

  • In situations where images are entirely unidentifiable, and there are no details on individuals reported within the manuscript, consent for publication may not be required.

4- Editor’s Decision:

  • The final decision on whether consent to publish is required rests with the Editor, who will assess the specifics of each case.

These guidelines are designed to protect the privacy and rights of research participants, aligning with ethical standards and best practices. Authors submitting manuscripts to Plants Science Archives are expected to adhere to these principles to ensure the ethical conduct of research and publication. Non-compliance may result in appropriate actions, including the revision or rejection of the manuscript, to maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical practice.