Plants Science Archives (ISSN 2518-6965) stands as an international, multidisciplinary scientific open access journal encompassing pivotal realms within plant science. It disseminates review articles, regular research papers, communications, and concise notes across structural, functional, and experimental botany. The journal extends its embrace to fundamental disciplines, including morphology, systematics, physiology, and ecology of plants, while also welcoming diverse articles in applied plant science.

Our primary objective is to foster a platform for scientists and research groups, encouraging the publication of theoretical and experimental findings in both fundamental and applied facets of plant science. We insist on the provision of complete experimental procedures to facilitate result reproducibility. There exists no constraint on the maximum length of submitted papers.


Journal covers the following interest areas and sub-areas in plant science:

  • plant cytology and histology
  • plant anatomy and morphology
  • systematics, taxonomy and classification
  • plant physiology and ecophysiology
  • plant genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry
  • ecology and biogeography of plants
  • phytocenology
  • evolutionary biology, plant phylogeny and paleobotany
  • plant diversity and conservation biology
  • experimental and applied plant science: new methods in experimental botany; biology of medicinal plants; ethnobotany; biological effects of active substances from plants; phytomedicine; new plant products, active substances and secondary metabolites; plant drug development; agricultural plants; plants derived food; horticultural plants; phytopathology; plant biotechnology; interactions  between plants and other organisms; the importance of plants in the environment; the use of plants in biological control; crop protection and pesticides