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Plant Science Archives

Plant Science Archives is an international journal that publishes fundamental and applied works in all areas of Plant Biology. It is an open access and peer-reviewed journal that provides rapid and continuous publication of original research articles, review articles, and short communications.


Plant nutrition, plant molecular genetics, plant biodiversity, plant physiology, agronomy, plant tissue culture, heavy metal tolerance in plants, abiotic stress tolerance, crop science, biofortification, plant pathology, the environmental biology of plants, plant biotechnology, cellular and molecular plant biology, agronomy, agricultural sciences and plant development.

Aims and Objectives

An essential criterion for publication in Plant Science Archives is the significant advancement of scientific knowledge. All papers should pose and deliver a major hypothesis or answer an important question that is relevant to basic issues of plant science. We appreciate mechanistic, novel and application-based papers that are of general importance.


Special features:

♣ Peer-reviewed by subject experts  ♣ Plagiarism report for each peer-reviewed manuscript

♣ Rapid publication  ♣ DOI number for each published manuscript (DOI prefix: 10.33680)


Indexation of Plant Science Archives:

♣ Index Copernicus  ♣ Crossref Digital Object Identifier (DOI)


Key title: Plant Science Archives

ISSN 2518-6965

Abbreviated key title: Plant Sci. Arc.

Frequency: Monthly

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Author Instruction

Author Instruction

Plant Science Archives publishes original research papers, review articles and short-communication. Submission of a manuscript cannot be under consideration by any other journals, and no part has been published elsewhere, with the exception of a short abstract. All of the authors have to be aware of the submission. Manuscript preparation: Manuscripts should be typewritten on an A4 sheet having ‘1.5’ line-spacing throughout the text. The margins should be 2.54cm (1inch) in all sides and page number should be should be consecutively on the bottom of the page. The manuscript shouldRead More

Journal Policies

Journal Policies

Editorial board members of Plant Science Archives in connection with Editor-in-Chief and associate editors are bound with an ethical and honest accountability to support the authors. We provide support to active researchers and creative individuals from different parts of this world. Responsibility for the journal and its policies lies with the Journal Manager. Any concerns either regarding specific papers or general policies should be directed to the Journal Manager. Plant Science Archives investigates all potential cases reported to it or of which it becomes aware. In many cases, this willRead More

Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

Ethical standards for publication exist to ensure high-quality scientific publications. Plant Science Archives is committed to peer review integrity and practices the highest standards of ethical publishing as well as publication ethics encourages integrity in research & peer review process, and prohibit any malpractices regarding publication. The ethical issues in research may be violated in different ways: Guest authorship /Co-authorship All individuals who made significant scientific contributions to the research work should be given the opportunity to be included as co-authors. Other persons who contributed to the study should beRead More

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