Plants Science Archives (ISSN 2518-6965) upholds a rigorous policy on the ethics of human and animal experimentation, committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in research. The following principles guide our ethical standards:

1- Informed Consent for Human Research:

  • Authors must provide evidence of obtaining informed consent from human participants involved in the study.
  • The consent process should transparently communicate the nature, purpose, potential risks, and benefits of the research.

2- Protection of Human Participants:

  • Research involving human subjects should prioritize their welfare, ensuring that their rights, dignity, and privacy are respected.
  • Authors must comply with ethical guidelines and obtain approval from relevant ethical review boards or institutional review boards.

3- Animal Welfare in Research:

  • Authors conducting studies involving animals should adhere to ethical standards for the humane treatment of animals.
  • Ethical approval from appropriate animal ethics committees or institutional review boards is mandatory.

4- Minimization of Unnecessary Harm:

  • Research involving both human and animal subjects should be designed to minimize any potential harm or distress.
  • The methodology should be well-justified, and efforts should be made to explore alternative methods that do not cause unnecessary harm.

5- Compliance with Regulations:

  • Authors are expected to comply with local, national, and international regulations governing human and animal research.
  • Ethical approval documentation and compliance with relevant guidelines should be clearly stated in the manuscript.

6- Full Disclosure:

  • Authors must transparently disclose any conflicts of interest, funding sources, or other factors that could influence the research or its interpretation.

7- Clinical Trial Registration:

  • For clinical trials, registration in a recognized public registry is mandatory to promote transparency and accessibility of trial information.

Plants Science Archives is committed to upholding these ethical standards and may follow the guidelines established by organizations such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and relevant international ethical standards in biomedical and behavioral research. Non-compliance with these ethical standards may result in appropriate actions, including retractions or corrections, to maintain the integrity of the scientific record.

  • Articles conducting any animal or clinical studies should contain a statement in accordance with the animal and human ethics committee.
  • Research should be carried out in a manner that animals do not get affected unnecessarily.
  • Registration is required for all clinical trials