Aloe vera plant products as antimicrobial agents

Authors: Uzma Ghani, Hameed Ur Rehman, Abdul Manan Ghani, Syeda Alia Gerdazi, Mohammad Kamil, Wajid Ullah

Journal Name: Plant Sci. Arc. 2(2), 13-20, 2019


Keywords: Aloe vera, pharmacological activities, phytochemicals, ethno-medicinal uses.


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Plants are the natural products from the primitive time; still today herbaceous plants are the main source of drug all over the globe. Medicinal plants are largely used as medicinal remedy for cure and healing of numerous diseases. Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant used for variety of therapeutic purposes. Generally utilize for the detection of novel bioactive compounds, pharmacological activities and phytochemical constituents. Naturally this plant is rich source of health for human beings. Aloe Vera is pain reducer, used extensively in the treatment of diseases i.e. allergy, stomach disorders, ulcer, cancer, diabetes etc. This article presents phytochemical composition pharmacological activities, chemical properties and ethno-medicinal uses.