Standardization of in-vitro regeneration of Oryza sativa L.

Authors: Rahila Fatima , V. Prathap Reddy , Syeda Maimoona Hussain

Journal Name: Plant Science Archives


Keywords: Oryza sativa L, explants, Callus induction, MS medium, Kinetin, BAP and IAA


When it comes to increasing rice’s agronomic characteristics at the cellular and molecular level, biotechnological methods offer a more effective and rapid manner than conventional breeding techniques. In the current study, the in-vitro standardization and regeneration of the seeds of Oryza sativa L. was carried out by employing tissue culture techniques. The morphogenetic response of the seed and leaf explants cultivated on media comprising MS basal medium supplemented with a variety of hormones, including BAP, Kinetin, Zeatin, and IAA in different combinations, varied. Explants were taken from in vitro seedlings that were seven days old. The induction of callus and the capacity for leaf and seed explant proliferation were investigated. The organogenesis success rates of the two explants are varied. Zeatin (0.5 mg/l) and IAA (0.1 mg/l) supplements added to MS medium produced 100% callus induction and proliferation. Thus, a rapid and highly effective genetic transformation strategy that can be applied to achieve multiple goals, such as CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, was developed.

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