Effect of different storage conditions on physico-chemical composition and shelf life of persimmon fruit

Authors: Shoaib Khurshid, Habib Ahmed Rathore, Muhammad Saeed Maroof, Saira Ishaq

Journal Name: Plant Sci. Arc. 2(1), 21-29, 2019.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.33680/plsa.2019.010

Keywords: Persimmon, storage life, storage conditions, physic-chemical composition.


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Persimmon is naturally divulged with bioactive molecules including tannins etc. and its utilization may be helpful to reducing the diabetes mellitus. Therefore this research study was carried out to enhance the shelf life of persimmon fruit at refrigeration and ambient temperature (Temperature 20-23oC Relative humidity 60-63%) during storage. The quality attribute such as weight loss, TSS (┬░Brix), pH, titrable acidity total tannin (mg/100g) and ascorbic acid were studied at an interval of 3 days for a total period of 12 days. However, the treatment of T5 (sun dried + low density polyethylene) was superior to all other treatments in retention of vitamin C, total soluble solids, titratable acidity, total tannin and pH with minimum weight loss compared to control whereas the treatment T6 (oven dried + HDPE) was found better to all other treatments during storage. The treated persimmon fruit have increased storage life as compared to control. Present study was proved helpful to evaluate the effect of storage condition on physico-chemical composition and increase the postharvest life of treated fruits during storage.