Study on Physico-Chemical properties and their impact on water body in Kamuni Lake, Shamshabad, Rangareddy District, Telangana

Kamuni Lake, situated in Shamshabad, Rangareddy, is among the largest lakes in the region, surrounded by numerous small-scale industries and urban settlements. The lake is significantly affected by the disposal of garbage from nearby communities and industrial waste, which has a detrimental impact on its natural ecosystem. Over a one-year period from 2022 to 2023, a comprehensive study was conducted to assess the water quality of Kamuni Lake. Monthly water samples were collected and analyzed for various physical and chemical characteristics, with seasonal variations documented across three distinct seasons. The results were compared against standard values to evaluate pollution levels at different stations. The analysis revealed substantial changes in various physico-chemical parameters across all three seasons, primarily attributed to wastewater discharge and human activities. Station V, located near the waste discharge area of the urban settlement, exhibited higher values of several physico-chemical parameters compared to standard values. The current conditions suggest that Kamuni Lake risks losing its biological activity if pollution continues unabated.