Estimation of carbon stock of trees in urban parking lots of the Federal University OF Technology, Akure, Nigeria (Futa)

Authors: A.I. Okunlola, M.A. Opeyemi, A.O. Adepoju, V.A.J. Adekunle

Journal Name: Plant Science Archives 1(2), 1-8, 2016.


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Trees in University parking lots are of utmost importance as it helps to provide shade for parked vehicles and man. In addition, the trees are very valuable as carbon sink. The current and potential carbon stock of trees in different parking lots located at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), were assessed to evaluate their contribution to climate change mitigation. The total carbon stocks (TCS) of all live trees were determined by the non-destructive method using tree density and volume (Newton’s formulae). Regression models were developed for the prediction of carbon stock (CCS) of each tree with their corresponding age. The DBH, diameters at the top (Dt), middle (Dm), and base (Db) and the total height of every tree in the selected parking lots were measured. The carbon stock of individual tree is estimated at 50% of its biomass. This study showed that Terminalia cattapa stored the highest carbon with respect to other tree species in the university parking lots by frequency and it is strongly recommended for planting in university parking lots for effective trapping of atmospheric carbon to mollify global warming and its adverse effects.